FIRST PLACE >> DISCOGRAPHIC CONTRACT SECOND PLACE >> REALIZATION OF N 1 UNPUBLISHED + RECORDING - MASTERNGTERZO POSTO >> PRIZE OF 1000.00 (THOUSAND, 00) EUR winner but also in the case of other participants who should not be among the first places. Not so much and only prizes for the first classified! All members will perform live and you will all be rewarded with a medal / plaque for participation! But above all, I Talenti, born in 2011 for the first time, is the new Contest that brings a new concept of competition! All participants will have a useful, educational, growth and consultancy experience, thanks to the record company Dr Dream Records - Milan, of its owner record producer Gianluca Belmonte, from jurors and professionals present, with whom all of you participants can relate in the various stages and from which to obtain advice, training and the most professional and competent indications!