Very simple ... All artists of all ages who want to present themselves to the public to make themselves known but above all to a technical, professional, meritocratic commission and to the record company Dr Records Milan, from which to GET A COMPARISON, can register for the contest de iTalenti. CONCRETE, ADVICE AND THANKS TO WHICH YOU CAN IMPLEMENT CONSTRUCTIVE NOTIONS. ITalenti Music Contest and better the GF Management (Agency Booking / Events that manages and coordinates the contest), from the moment of registration of each of you, brings everything back to the site in the category he belongs to, reports the video presentation of the member on the YouTube channel "iTalenti Music Contest" and presents the member to the technical commission. all at Gf Management. The vote and the opinion of each individual member of the technical commission will be kept secret until the date of the artist's live performance. At the same time, after registration, the editorial staff of Gf Management promotes the artist on social networks with an invitation to the public listener to be able to go and listen to the artist with the YouTube link and to be able to vote for him, writing a vote in the comments of the video and opinion. Until now, no artist will pass any selection but the material sent to us will be listened to, voted on by the technical commission, promoted to the public and voted by the public immediately. Each individual artist will obviously be able to self / promote the invitation to be voted on! Then the invitation of all the registered artists will follow, to present themselves in the stages of the live tour in which all the technical commission including the record producer Gianluca Belmonte of Dr Records, will go to know you but above all to listen to you. In each live stage, the artists most voted by the public will pass but above all considered valid to continue, by the technical commission which, not only will relate to deciding who passes, but will relate to each artist, past and not passed in a constructive way in order to to be able to give opinions, advice or necessary services that the artist can use. iTalenti does not reward only the first three places! All subscribers who will perform live will all be rewarded with a medal / plaque for participation for the dedication to music that, all, some more, some less, dedicated! ITalenti ,, is Music Contest that brings a new concept of competition! All participants will have a useful, educational, growth and consultancy experience, thanks to the record company Dr Dream Records - Milan, of its owner record producer Gianluca Belmonte, from jurors and professionals present, with whom all of you participants can relate in the various stages and from which to obtain advice, training and the most professional and competent indications! .... And sorry if it seems little, but we believe this makes more sense than a simple award ceremony! It should also be pointed out that: The DR RECORDS MILAN DISCOGRAPHIC HOUSE COULD ALSO BE INTERESTED IN MORE ARTISTS, RATHER THAN ONLY ON THE WINNER OR LESS .